Being an active member of the most advanced industrial sites in the world,
Nedec is creating optimal synergy through collaboration of a global network as it heightens its reputation as a leading global manufacturer.

Precision Mold

Nedec aims an one stop system from mold design to produce.
And also, we are making and offering an optimum mold in order to targeting for best quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Precision Mold01
  • Precision Mold02
  • Precision Mold03
  • Precision Mold04
  • Precision Mold05
  • Precision Mold06
  • Precision Mold07
  • Precision Mold08
  • Precision Mold09
  • Precision Mold10
  • Precision Mold11
  • Precision Mold12
  • Precision Mold13
  • Precision Mold14
  • Precision Mold15