Nedec is preparing to diversify our portfolio and future growth engines through expanding our business.
Nedec's technology creates today's innovation and communication with the future.

R&D Center

Nedec is researching and leading new technologies, accumulating know-how of new product development and process improvement.
Starting from the basics, Nedec is leading the industry with technologies of the future.

The Core Project of R&D
  1. Development of high-strength/high-elongation material and parts related to automobile weight-saving to improve fuel efficiency
  2. Development of multi-stage vacuum system related to high vacuum die casting
  3. Development of High Efficiency Heat-Resistant Materials and Parts related to Electric/Autonomous Vehicles
  4. Promotion of Smart Factory with IT Convergence Technology
The Core Project of R&D01 The Core Project of R&D02 The Core Project of R&D03 The Core Project of R&D04
Mechanical Device R&D
  1. FDB(Fluid Dynamic Bearing) Design : Dynamic pressure, Sealing
  2. Electromagnetic Design : Low electric current, Low noise
  3. Sub-micrometer Precision machining, Assembly and Measure
  4. Cleanliness Analysis, Evaluation
Mechanical Device R&D01 Mechanical Device R&D02 Mechanical Device R&D03 Mechanical Device R&D04
Surface Treatment R&D
  1. Anodizing
  2. ED-coating
  3. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD Metal / Polymer)
  4. Applications : Electronics, Mobile, Automotive, Building Material, Leisure, and ETC.
Surface Treatment R&D01 Surface Treatment R&D02 Surface Treatment R&D03 Surface Treatment R&D04
Material Science Lab
Material Science Lab01 Material Science Lab02

Chemical Analyze (Cleanliness)

  • GCMS
  • FTIR
  • IC
  • XRF
  • LPC
  • TMA
  • Uv-Vis

Detailed Survey

  • CMM
  • VMM
  • Formcoder
  • Spectrometer
  • Roncorder
  • Toolmaker's Microscope
  • Helium Leak
  • Computed Tomography
  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • Micro Color Meter
  • X-ray