We Share Dreams Together.
We will do our best to become a leading company in the world by innovative R&D and drastic challenges.

CEO Message

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NEDEC is a metal parts supplier based on 'Metal platform', including Die-casting, Precision Machining, Surface Treatment and Assembly.
We have continued to grow by providing products that meet the needs of customers, not simply manufacturers through the integration of front and back industries.

It has optimized metal processing and management ability due to the lightweight and high performance trend of IT and Automotive parts.
Today, NEDEC keeps to expanding our market share in its core business, diversifying portfolio of the business and creating new growth power based on its solid competitiveness.

Our management focus has developed a spirit of team excellence thru our focus in hiring and training, our aggressive continuous improvement in operation systems,
and demanding global services and quality standards which exceed our customers' expectations.
Our highly trained and motivated employees understand that success is based upon the highest degree of integrity, commitment and fulfillment of our obligations to our customers.

Therefore, NEDEC promises to maintain our commitment to excellence by enhancing our innovative R&D and challenging ourselves to ever greater service to our global customers.

Thank you.

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